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A Sewing Sensation

Fabric shop offers a large inventory and sewing education
Owner LaQuinta Schum has grown Let’s Sew into one of the largest fabric stores in the Midwest.

Just as Tim Gunn started telling television audiences to “make it work” and Etsy was inspiring a whole new generation of sewing crafters, Let’s Sew opened to give local sewing enthusiasts more opportunity to use quality fabrics and notions for projects.

The store opened three years ago and has grown into one of the largest fashion fabrics stores in the Midwest, carrying a unique and competitively priced inventory while staying away from the warehouse feel of larger fabric stores.

“If we don’t have it, chances are it’s pretty hard to find,” says LaQuinta Schum, owner of Let’s Sew. “We also have more than 400 colors of threads.”

The store’s button wall alone is extensive at 8 feet tall and 54 feet long, and while the shop does not specialize in home décor trims, there are “literally miles of trims available for most sewing needs,” according to LaQuinta. Fabrics take up most of the store and are divided by type: bridal fabrics, cotton and cotton-blends, quilting cottons, silks, costume fabrics, flannel, and seasonal favorites such as wool. The store also sells patterns, notions like needles and machine feet, and all-purpose and embroidery threads.

Let’s Sew is one of the two authorized retailers of Baby Lock machines in Evansville, stocking the front end of the store with the brand’s sewing machines, sergers and quilters, including long-armed.

“Although we are a new dealership (of Baby Lock) we do bring a lot to the table as far as knowledge and experience goes,” says LaQuinta. “And we have on-site service for the machines as well as owner’s and project oriented classes.”

Classes are offered and taught by LaQuinta’s experienced staff several times a month for beginning and experienced sewists alike. Most classes focus on producing a final, sewn project. An apron is created in the beginning class using easy, straight seams on gingham fabric.

“If we’ve done our job right, students walk away not only knowing they can do it, but excited enough that they want to do more,” says LaQuinta.

Originally from Mount Carmel, Illinois, LaQuinta and her husband Jim have lived in Evansville since 1991. LaQuinta made the decision to switch from her career as a public accountant more than 15 years ago to help care for her family but started her hobby of sewing again shortly afterward. For seven years LaQuinta contributed and traveled with the Martha Pullen Co. — creator of Sew Beautiful magazine, which published for 27 years and producer of Martha’s Sewing Room on PBS for 17 years — until she, with encouragement from Jim, decided it was time to create her own sewing business.

“And it continues to astound me,” says LaQuinta. “I have to pinch myself.”

For more information about Let’s Sew, call 812-471-7945 or visit


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