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Snow globes bring holiday cheer all year

Snow globes are a holiday favorite, and you can design one that fits perfectly with your other winter décor, or one that holds a special meaning.

Snow globes can be created from any clear, watertight container and a small trinket. Tree ornaments, holiday village accessories (especially trees), vintage plastic figurines, or brooches and pins are all possibilities.   

Here is the list of supplies you’ll need:

•    Jar or other clear container (with original lid)
•    Holiday trinkets or ornaments
•    White glitter
•    Variety of craft accessories such as pompons, sequins, beads, etc.
•    White foam sheets (roughly two sheets per snow globe)
•    Hot glue gun and sticks
•    Clear or white glass beads (optional)
•    Ribbon (optional)

Trace the mouth of your jar onto the white foam. You will need roughly four to six circles of foam. Cut them out and glue them together to create the inside base of your snow globe. Glue this base to the inside of the lid. Use hot glue to attach your trinket to the foam in the lid.

Fill the jar with water and sprinkle in glitter. To create a more elegant look, add clear or silver glass beads. Kids can have fun choosing which elements to add to their snow globes — pompons, plastic beads, and sequins all work well.

Add hot glue to the mouth of the jar and screw the lid in place. If you like, you can tie a ribbon around the bottom of the snow globe. Now it is ready to be used as a decoration or to be given as a thoughtful holiday gift.


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