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Going Nuts

Pangea Kitchen spins Neapolitan classic

Pangea: the hypothetical land area believed to have once connected nearly all of the Earth’s landmasses together. Pangea Kitchen: the real Evansville restaurant and market known to connect Thai and Italian culinary traditions. Their pistachio white pie, one of the 15 Neapolitan pizzas offered, rests inside a 900-degree wood-fired oven for about a minute before reaching you, where it might not last that long.

Charmingly Charred: Stretched and spun by hand, the crust is simple — Manitoba flour, pure water, sea salt, and yeast.

Savory Swine: Ground pork sausage, flavored with red pepper flakes and rosemary, lends the dish its heartiness.

Joyful Herb: Leaves of deep green basil from Joy Lane Produce in West Salem, Illinois, give the pie a classic flair.

Cheese Please: Made at Pangea every morning, curls of mozzarella melt into each other, creating a smooth blanket of delicacy.

Buzz Buzz Sting: Drizzled atop everything is Mike’s Hot Honey, a chili-infused spicy honey responsible for the pizza’s definitive kick.

What’s Crackin’: Pangea chefs shell and roast the pistachios they mix with Italian olive oil and grind into a sauce for the base of the pie.


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