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Map Out a Pendant

This pendant takes some directions.

Maps are trending in accessories and home decor these days, and rightly so. While GPS devices and smart phones offer us quick mapping functions on the go, a good paper map has history. Enter the map pendant.

Whether it’s to memorialize a vacation spot, have a reminder of your roots, or even make favors for a destination wedding, creating a map pendant is a quick, simple project for even the most novice of crafters.

First, pick the place that has meaning for you. Find an atlas or map that includes that location. If you’d like a more vintage look, you can often spot older travel maps at yard sales, thrift stores, or eBay. Choosing the map can actually be the most difficult part!

Then, take a trip to your local craft or hobby store and purchase the following list of supplies. These items are also widely available online.

•  A pendant setting. I chose 1-inch antiqued silver circles, but any shape, size, or finish will do.
   (These often come in a multi-pack — just make a few for friends!)
•  A package of clear plastic, self-sticking cabochons to fit the size pendant setting you chose.
•  A tube of multipurpose bonding adhesive such as E-6000®.
•  Jump rings to match the pendant setting, if needed.

Lay out your map. If you don’t want to damage it, you can scan the map into your computer and print a copy of it to use.

Then take one of the plastic cabochons, peel off the backing, and place over the map in the exact location you’d like to show in the pendant. Press down evenly to make sure it sticks. Also, once the cabochon is placed, you cannot move it, so be very sure that your placement is correct.

Use scissors to carefully trim the map all the way around the outside of the cabochon without leaving excess.

Next, spread a small dab of your bonding adhesive on your pendant setting, and place your map cabochon onto it firmly, making sure it is centered and no glue bleeds out from the sides.

After allowing it to dry, attach a jump ring to the pendant if necessary, and hang from any necklace. Wear it out on your next adventure!


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