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Local teacher brings smiles with her home

The Happy House. It’s the unofficial name given to Nancy Kelley’s home along Bayard Park Drive, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“My house is a little on the whimsical side,” she says. “I’m the teacher at school who has fairy dust in her pocket.”

Kelley, a teacher in the preschool program at Daniel Wertz Elementary School, has strived to make her home a bright and welcoming spot along Bayard Park Drive. Moving to the East Side 10 years ago, the Evansville native gives her home curb appeal through various creative projects — colorful signs, her painted garage, a Little Free Library, and more. Each of her projects, from flower beds to benches, has a special meaning because Kelley completes them with someone she cares about.

“I love to do these kinds of things and do them with someone I care for, so it has even more meaning,” she says. “Everything I’ve done makes me happy, makes my heart happy, and also has made my neighbors happy. It’s my one little piece on our great big earth.”


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