New and Improved

When the stay-at-home orders hit Evansville in March 2020, it was clear technology would become daily life’s driving force. Recognizing the importance of clear, concise, customer-friendly tech, First Bank launched their updated website and mobile banking app that same month.

First Bank wanted to offer clients a cleaner look and feel across all devices. The app now includes simplified account management tools and a new chat feature for quick and secure connections.

The First Bank website has two major differences — the navigation and the URL. The website used to have a “.bz” URL ending, which designated a business website. Now operating under a “.bank” ending, the site is more secure as banks must register and apply for this label.

The site’s navigation is now separated into three micro-sites — Business, focused on companies; Farm, catered to farmers; and Life, for personal use. Each micro-site contains the most relevant information and services for that specific customer.

The update also includes curated resources for each sub-section with specific tools to guide those clients.

“While we built a site that’s a resource for all of our target segments, our main goal is for it to be a go-to resource for businesses at every stage in their life cycle,” says Lori Newman, chief marketing officer.

First Bank also has been recognized for their recent tech advancements with an award. The Hermes Creative Competition, one of the oldest in the world, selected the bank’s site as a gold winner in the financial institution website design category.

Site Designed By: LKCS in Peru, Illinois and First Bank

Site Maintained By: First Bank


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