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The Next Step

City set for new aquatic center in Garvin Park
The Deaconess Aquatic Center will call Garvin Park home and feature two indoor pools and an outdoor spray park.

After years of research, meetings, studies, surveys, and more, the city of Evansville is set to welcome a new aquatic center and phase out use of the Lloyd Pool complex located on First Avenue.

In the April/May 2015 issue of Evansville Business, we delved into the many issues Lloyd Pool was facing after 43 years of operation. Concerns ranged from its inability to house school swimming competitions to leaks throughout the building, an aging ceiling, and an outdated pump system.

More than three years later, the city has announced it will upgrade to a new facility — the Deaconess Aquatic Center — which will be located in Garvin Park across from Bosse Field.

“Lloyd Pool is now 43 years old and no longer worthy of future large dollar investments to remodel or repair,” says Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. “As the third largest city in the state, it’s imperative we have a suitable, competitive swimming and diving facility.”

The $28.4-million state-of-the-art facility will be funded by contributions from Deaconess ($2.5 million over the next 15 years), the Jacobsville TIF fund, and the riverboat fund. Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation also will contribute $700,000 to construction. The center will have two indoor pools — including a diving well — and an outdoor spray park.

“I think this will be a new source of pride for Evansville swimmers of all ages, but especially our young competitive swimmers,” says Winnecke. “I can only imagine how the new Deaconess Aquatic Center will motivate young swimmers.”

For more information, contact the Mayor’s office at 812-436-4962.


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