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Articles in: Art Talk

Elisa Gross
- 23 weeks 2 days ago
While Connie Bell and her two daughters Jan Rhea Unfried and Nikki Pritchett all are painters and artists, the Evansville natives never considered...
Paige Effinger
- 31 weeks 6 days ago
Almost 50 years ago, Dr. Dennis Davenport read his first book about the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. Given to Davenport by a friend, the book...
Laura Acchiardo
- 4 years 1 week ago
Evansville Design Group is all about creativity. The goal of this group, formed in 2011, is to unite creative professionals from every corner of the...
Katelyn Phillips
- 4 years 14 weeks ago
When I learned my cousin’s bachelorette party would involve wine, I wasn’t surprised. When she informed us that in our other hand would...
Cara Schuster
- 6 years 5 weeks ago
 A cappella — no instruments, no software, just voices — is growing in popularity. Italian for “in the style of the chapel,...
Andrew Fendrich
- 6 years 49 weeks ago
At the Owensboro National Guard Armory on Feb. 18, Aaron Kizer stood on stage, bent down to dip his brushes in paint, then straightened up, drew his...
Katharine McKinney
- 7 years 15 weeks ago
Evansville Dance Theatre closed its doors in March 2011 after 30 years serving Evansville’s art community. Despite the loss of this institution...
Maureen Hayden and Dylan Gibbs
- 8 years 5 weeks ago
Liz Mumford never set out to be a concert promoter, but back in 2001, when her friend Teresa Cheung asked her to help find an interesting venue for a...
Louis La Plante
- 8 years 5 weeks ago
In the corner of the small coffee shop are Kathy Ewing, 82, and Paula Boenigk, 60. The two longtime high school theater teachers use their indoor...
Jesika Ellis
- 8 years 17 weeks ago
Laura Savia wasn’t expected to live for more than a day. Born with a rare congenital heart defect that threatened to claim her life just hours...
Jesika Ellis
- 8 years 39 weeks ago
Henderson, Ky., artist Chris Thomas’ small painting of a silvery-shelled nautilus arranged against a luxurious piece of blue silken fabric is...
Don Baker
- 8 years 41 weeks ago
Tears welled up in the hazel eyes of 10-year-old Gretchen Smith as she scanned the casting sheet for the Evansville Dance Theatre’s annual...