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Articles in: Business School

Brittany Nay
- 1 year 19 weeks ago
 A rare fifth-generation business owner, Evansville Electrical and Mechanical Services Company, Inc. (EEMSCO) vice president Tom Mathias is...
Dillon Davenport
- 2 years 28 weeks ago
Tucker Publishing Group collaborated with Dr. Marie Bussing, assistant professor of economics at the University of Southern Indiana College of...
Jenny McNeece
- 3 years 1 week ago
Kevin Schwartz still has the first dollar he ever made. Tucked in an old yet rather ornate gold frame against a simple piece of cardboard, it sits...
Victoria Grabner
- 4 years 36 weeks ago
Luke White didn’t actually lug an entire piano onto the New York City subway. There was no bona fide drum in Tobias Smith’s hands. And...
Brennan Girdler
- 5 years 1 week ago
Engineering is a man’s world. At least that’s what statistics say. Today, women comprise just over 9 percent of all U.S. engineers...
Brennan Girdler
- 5 years 9 weeks ago
Since 1891, Tien Son Custom Tailored Suits has handcrafted quality apparel in Vietnam. With 70 custom tailors who each have completed a rigorous five...
Andrew Fendrich
- 5 years 36 weeks ago
In December of last year, Halifax Media purchased 16 newspapers from the New York Times Company Regional Media Group. The new ownership submitted a...
Trisha Weber
- 5 years 43 weeks ago
It’s no secret that in today’s fast-paced world we feel pressured to accomplish more in less time. So how do we manage our to-do lists in...
Patricia Fripp
- 6 years 18 weeks ago
Imagine that you have unlimited resources to design a speech that will make you the hottest commodity on the market, inspire your sales force, or...
Natalie Greer
- 6 years 27 weeks ago
That recession was hard on all of us. Valuable lessons were learned. Andrew Rice began his career as a financial representative at Northwestern...