62.9 F
Sunday, April 14, 2024

EVV Runway 5K


The Evansville Regional Airport will host a 5K race on their main runway to benefit the YMCA. Start area is to the right of the main airport terminal; look for signage. This will be only opportunity the public will have to run on the main runway. All other 5Ks are held on a secondary runway which is now serving as a main runway during construction. The main runway will be ready to use next month, so runners will get a sneak peak of the new surface, and have an opportunity to see an area of the airport not normally accessible to the public.
Race time is 7 a.m. Parking will be in the regular EVV lot. Runners will be able to exit the lot for free by showing their race number.
Cost for runners is $25. All proceeds will benefit the YMCA and St. Mary’s will sponsoring.