American Pie

While patrons at The Pie Pan often have a short wait to be seated at the popular North Park restaurant, don’t ask to be seated at the empty table at the front of the restaurant. It’s reserved – everyday — for the Unknown Soldier. The Pie Pan has served patriotic spirit like this for diners for more than 30 years.

In 1982, Libby and Wayne Lear wanted to experience owning a business. At the time of this decision, the owner of The Pie Pan was nearing retirement. So the duo took the opportunity and bought The Pie Pan.

The Lears kept the recipes for all of the pies and added to the menu. Even after her husband’s death, Libby still owns The Pie Pan.

For Memorial Day 10 years ago, Lear wanted to do something different. Her love for America inspired the idea of setting a table in The Pie Pan specifically for the Unknown Soldier. Lear’s displays showing respect to veterans have grown. A table in the front of the restaurant features books from various wars, signed by veterans who’ve stopped by.

“I love America. This is something I love doing,” says Lear. “We forget. Just like out of sight out of mind. Freedom is too precious to forget where it came from. All these veterans that have given their lives and the 9/11 incident, the victims that were killed there. They all need to be remembered.”

Patriotic decorations adorn the restaurant temporarily, but the table for the Unknown Soldier and books for the veterans to sign stay out year-round.

“I’ve got a good opportunity to do that (show remembrance) because I have a lot of people walk through that front door. I get a lot of response from it, very good response,” says Lear.

For more information about The Pie Pan, call 812-425-2261 or visit

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