Where Can I Buy Evansville Living?

Evansville Living is sold locally for $4.95. It is available at numerous locations throughout the Tri-State including these major bookstores, grocery stores, universities, and hospitals. (EB = Evansville Business also sold here. CV = Evansville Living City View also sold here.)

Evansville – East

Barnes & Noble Booksellers  EB, CV
Beans and Baristas
Buehler’s IGA – Morgan
Gehlhausen Floral
Jimmy Gao’s Restaurant
Karen’s Upscale Resale
Meijer  EB, CV
Schnucks – Green River  EB, CV
Schnucks – Washington  EB, CV
St. Vincent’s Gift Shop  EB, CV
The Granola Jar on Virginia
Tri-State Athletic Club  EB, CV
Wildflower Boutique
The Winetree  EB

Evansville – West

Schnucks  EB
Tracy’s Attic

Henderson, Kentucky

Beachbum Farms


Evansville – North

Buehler’s IGA – First Ave.
Evansville Regional Airport  EB, CV
Schnucks – First Ave.  EB, CV
Schnucks – Boonville New Harmony Rd.  EB, CV

The Granola Jar on Mount Pleasant

Evansville – Downtown

Bargetown Market
Deaconess Hospital Gift Shop
Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science
Penny Lane Coffeehouse  EB
River City Coffee + Goods  EB
Your Brother’s Bookstore

Newburgh, Indiana

Deaconess Gateway Gift Shop
Schnucks  EB, CV


If you would like to sell Evansville Living, Evansville Business, or Evansville Living City View at your business, please contact us at 812-426-2115.