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“…The advertising in Evansville Living magazine has grown my practice while giving new information to the Evansville readers.  The people at Evansville Living are easy to work with and committed to highlighting the best your business has to offer…” – Cindy Basinski MD, FACOG

“As a business owner, I have seen customers come into the gallery with a copy of Evansville Living magazine in hand, and we’ve also received numerous phone calls. We have seen a direct response from our advertising campaign… Advertising within Evansville Living magazine has been very beneficial to our first year of business.” – Ron McCraw, Thomas Kinkade Art Gallery

“…When the phone rings and someone says, ‘I saw your ad in Evansville Living magazine,’ I immediately know three things. 1) Our ad delivered the intended message evident by the promising response, 2) The person on the other end of the phone is a qualified lead, and 3) Our money was well invested.” – Julie Julian, Director of Sales & Marketing,The Communities of Solarbron

Evansville Living is the smart, stylish, and sophisticated guide to life in Evansville, Ind., and our subscribers are savvy consumers. Displaying your message to this educated, engaged group of readers translates into increased brand awareness and sales for your business.

Evansville Living readers have a median household income more than three times the area average, and they believe Tucker Publishing Group magazines — and quality products and services — are worth paying for. In our national award-winning portfolio of magazines, your message gains value with this loyal audience.

Advertisements in Evansville Living magazine have staying power: Eighty percent of our subscribers say they refer to each issue up to five times, and one in five keep every single issue.

Evansville Living can help get your message out online!

Marketing studies prove that magazine advertising, when combined with television and the Internet, is the greatest asset in increasing brand favorability and purchase intent.

Our website offers advertising venues for advertisers to gain traffic to their site, increase their page rank, and promote services, products, or events. If you’re interested in banner ads, premium dining/event listings or our e-newsletter, download our media kit or contact us directly for details.

Take advantage of our prime advertising space.

Put your advertising dollars to work in the publication that Evansville needs and the area reads. You’ll feel confident your message is reaching its target market, while surrounded by quality content that engages the reader.

For more information about advertising opportunities with Evansville Living, contact us at (812) 426-2115 or download our media kit, which includes a planning schedule, production guidelines, ad specs, and more.

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