Cookie Craze

From chocolate chip to macarons, take your pick of favorite cookie using this roundup of the delicious treats and sweets available around Evansville.

Hump Cookies

Just Rennie’s Cookie Company – 812-401-8091,

Why We Crave It: The deliciousness of raw cookie dough is baked into these unique piled up dough cookies, which are soft and moist in the center. “It’s thick, really soft, but not as much on the outside. It’s almost like an addiction,” says Doug Rennie, who co-owns Just Rennie’s with his wife Marla.

Why We love It: Shipping eight varieties of cookies nationwide, Just Rennie’s sends the taste of Evansville anywhere in the U.S.

Turtle Cookies

Donut Bank – Seven locations in Evansville and Newburgh, Ind.,

Why We Crave It: Have a sweet tooth? This homemade chocolate chip cookie satisfies any craving with its chocolate buttercream border, sprinkled with pecans that holds in a dollop of caramel and is all drizzled with rich, chocolate ganache.

Why We love It: Donut Bank’s Turtle cookie starts with familiarity of a chocolate chip cookie, but its toppings make it a delicious dessert.

Double Dip Cookies

Piece of Cake – 812-424-2245,

Why We Crave It: Piece of Cake creates a homemade peanut butter cookie dipped in white chocolate then dipped in milk chocolate. “Who wouldn’t want a cookie dipped in chocolate?” asks Lora Gossard, one of the owners of Piece of Cake. “It’s decadence on decadence and makes it that much more cravable.

Why We love It: In its 16th year, Gossard says Piece of Cake uses the same quality ingredients since it opened and keeps its high standard that makes us come back for more than just one.

Old-Fashioned Buttery Sugar Cookies

Cathy’s Designer Cookies – 812-858-0634,

Why We Crave It: They taste better than they look and they look amazing,” says Cathy Frederick of Cathy’s Designer Cookies. She uses top-notch ingredients and produces one cookie at a time.

Why We love It: Frederick says there has never been a design she couldn’t do from the outrageous to the tame. She also makes gingerbread and dark chocolate sugar cookies.

Vanilla French Macarons

Sweet Bettys Bakery – 812-402-3889,

Why We Crave It: This light, almond-based sandwich cookie is filled with vanilla buttercream frosting. “It’s not your common cookie,” says Andrea Miles, owner and lead baker. “People are intrigued by something different and colorful. These are beautiful bright colorful cookies and not available everywhere.”

Why We love It: Miles recently filled a custom order for this delicious treat and she says “people have been going crazy over them.” The macarons can be made in several flavors.

All 12 Varieties

Girl Scouts Cookies – Baked by ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers,

Why We Crave It: The Girl Scout Cookie Program lasts for just six to eight weeks before you have to wait another year to fill out an order form or leave the grocery store with these tasty treats. Stock up your freezer and load up on Thin Mints and Tagalongs before they’re gone!

Why We love It: The Cookie program revenue is critical for funding our local Girl Scout councils. On average, Girl Scout council net revenue is approximately 65-75 percent of the local retail price, and the amount of troop proceeds is approximately 10-20 percent of the local retail price. In other words: buy a cookie, help a Girl Scout!

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