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Insider’s Guide to Evansville

There is no place quite like Evansville (we say that with fondness!), so let’s take a closer look at some of the traditions and traits that give the River City a shape and rhythm all its own. What makes the

Simply Iconic

Plenty of Hoosier emblems and symbols related to the state’s history, culture, geology, and more are found in Evansville. Here are a few. Aircraft: P-47 Thunderbolt In World War II, Evansville was an inland manufacturing hub. Made at Republic Aviation,

Talk This Way

Visitors and new residents to Evansville often make logical but incorrect stabs at pronouncing the names of streets and businesses until a kind soul fills them in. For instance, Evansville’s 151-year-old Koch Enterprises may initially be pronounced like the famous

A Piece of Our Heart

Many Evansvillians would agree that the city’s “X factor” is its people — folks who have triumphed over hardship and supported their community for more than two centuries. The things that lay claim to our hearts enjoy spirited engagement and

You Heard it Here First!

Here are a few things that debuted in Indiana's third-largest city. First competitive basketball game in Indiana Hoosiers love their hoops, and it all started in Evansville — or at least that is what an article published by the Indiana

Mural, Mural on the Wall

There are several great spots in Evansville for Instagram photos, from the fountain in the Haynie’s Corner Arts District to the Greyhound marquee at BRU Burger Bar to the Four Freedoms Monument. Many also ’Gram at Self.e.Alley on Main Street,

Whose Side are You on?

Let’s get this out of the way first. Evansville’s “sides of town” discussion is kind of like a sibling rivalry mostly focused on high school sports. But Evansville resident and history buff Kelley Coures says divisions between the West Side