July / August 2009

Evansville Living

How Does it Feel?

To Win the Kentucky Derby When this year’s Kentucky Derby began, local racing fans watched with bated breath: Longtime Ellis Park jockey and local favorite Calvin Borel, a Louisiana native, was racing for his second Derby win. Borel won this

Is there a waterfall on the Rocky Falls Campground?

In 1985, Randy Johnston explored 25 West Side acres. Impressive rock formations, quiet ponds, and fish-filled lakes were hidden throughout the woods, He bought the property with his father, Clyde (now deceased). “Go buy it,” Clyde simply said. The Johnston

Presidential Mission

When student leaders joined Linda L. M. Bennett on the University of Southern Indiana campus this April, they learned the new USI president wasn’t just there to answer questions. She was there to listen. What she heard was the students

Encyclopedia Evansvillia

Water Works

Teenagers tanned, gossiped, and flirted. Local radio stations conducted arm wrestling and tug-of-war competitions. A Hawaiian Tropic contest determined the darkest tan. Families — armed with grills, umbrellas, coolers, and floats — came to the five-acre Kramer’s Lake during the

Art Talk

From the Heart

Laura Savia wasn’t expected to live for more than a day. Born with a rare congenital heart defect that threatened to claim her life just hours after it began, the newborn lay hooked up to tubes and monitors as her