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September / October 2009


Radio Ways

The boys’ basketball shorts were significantly shorter in 1979, but the fans were just as rabid. A 23-year-old Dan Egierski sat in a packed gym in Tell City, Ind., as roaring home fans cheered on the Cannelton High School boys’ basketball team. Hundreds rooted good plays, they booed bad calls, and a few occasionally kneed the back of Egierski, who sat in front of the bleachers with a giant headset resting on his Polish-American head while his broadcasting equipment swayed on a wobbly folding table.


Thai Papaya’s Coconut Soup

“When people think of Thai food,” says Thim Potchanant, “they think of pad Thai.” The emblematic stir-fried noodle dish may be the most popular entree at Thai Papaya Cuisine, the East Side restaurant Thim owns with her husband Joe, but just as authentic — and delicious — is the hot coconut soup ($9.50).