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It’s still a busy corner  — at least during the workweek. Yet the intersection of Third and Main streets in Downtown Evansville is very different than it was just a century ago. While the eastern half of this block of Main Street toward Fourth Street has not changed significantly, the west side of the street is completely revised.

What was Old National Bank’s 1916 structure is now the 420 Building (1), and part of the block on Main Street was burned in 1951 and rebuilt. DeJong’s, the well-known department store, was on the north side of this block (2) on Main Street, too, before it was replaced by condos. Yet the former National City Bank building (3) built in 1914 on the southeast side of the street is vacant today. The building on the northeast side of the intersection (4) houses loft condos and a Subway restaurant. The cupola on top of the building was redone in 2006 when the top two floors were converted to loft condos. Those condos were featured in the 2010 September/October issue of Evansville Living.

(The historical photo inset above shows how the corner of Third and Main streets looked in the 1920s. Below, that same view of the corner as it appears today.)

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