Planting Vertically

For every plant and garden lover, a simple vertical garden hanger is a perfect way to bring the garden inside. The hanger allows you to display your favorite plants inside without sacrificing valuable space.

To start your project, here are some supplies you will need:
• (4) terra cotta pots
• (1) terra cotta tray
• A bowl
• (4) pieces of wood
• Rope
• Metal ring
• Drill
• Jigsaw
• Glue
• Paint
• Plants

Take three pieces of the wood and trace the diameter of the bowl that is 1/4” smaller than the terra cotta pot. Make sure that it is centered within the square piece of wood and cut a hole using a jigsaw.

Next, drill holes in each corner with a 3/8” bit. Feed four pieces of rope through the holes, making sure to tie a knot underneath the wood to hold it in place. Continue this step until all pieces of wood are in place. With the last few inches of the rope, tie it onto a small metal ring. This will allow you to hang this on a hook.

Using any type of paint, (I chose Annie Sloan® Chalk Paint from The Barefoot Cottage), decorate your pots with any type of color or design. Be creative!
If you are hanging this indoors, be sure to attach a terra cotta tray to the bottom of the very bottom pot. This will eliminate any excess water from leaking.

The last step is to get some plants in your pots! From herbs to succulents, plant whatever your heart desires and bring the outdoors inside your home. Happy planting!

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