Our Publications

With over a decade of service to our readers and advertisers, Evansville Living is the smart, stylish, and energetic guide to life in Evansville. It is the area’s only 100+ page, full-color, glossy city magazine which uniquely and positively focuses on Evansville and the Tri-State area.

Evansville Living is the unparalleled authority on Evansville and a trusted resource for discerning dining and cultural guides, in-depth features, authoritative lists, and personality profiles. Thoughtful editing and a strong community outreach guarantee each issue of Evansville Living is original, fresh, engaging, and relevant to life in Evansville.

Evansville Business

The premier business lifestyle magazine for the area, Evansville Business digs behind the scenes and tells the stories of people making business and commerce happen here.

Evansville Business shines the light on small, family-owned businesses just as it does large corporate headquarters, and it informs readers of the practices they embrace to compete locally, regionally, and nationally.

Edited and produced by our award-winning team, Evansville Business informs in an authoritative and familiar tone the business owners, CEOs, CFOs, presidents, and managers in the greater Evansville area. Evansville Business is received by all Evansville Living subscribers and is also sold on newsstands across the Tri-State.

City View

The winner of the Silver Award for Ancillary Publications from the prestigious City and Regional Magazine Association Annual Awards, City View remains the definitive guide to the city with an added bonus: an incredible 12-month shelf life.

Why take our word for it? This is what the CRMA judges said: “A successful regional publication manages to be both intimate with locals and informative to visitors. With Evansville City View, the magazine has managed to be just that. Part directory, part calendar, this publication gives readers a 360-degree view of the city from recreational facilities to great restaurants, to art and cultural options.”

Tucker Publishing Group has taken home five national CRMA awards, including the highly competitive award for cover design (Evansville Living) and an award recognizing City View for its editorial and design excellence and for serving its readership.

Tucker Publishing Group also produces Ancillary Publications / Resource Guides