Tee It Up

What’s more comfortable than a T-shirt? Not much. And when you add in a little Midwestern style, it becomes the perfect weekend attire. These companies help keep you stylish with a look all their own.

United State of Indiana
The company started in 2010 with a simple design of the United States flag that replaced the stars with an outline of Indiana. Now, the company’s goals are to create high quality products, support Indiana artists and entrepreneurs, and to promote local living. Shop online at unitedstateofindiana.com. Adult sizes are $26.

Located in Chicago, Threadless encourages artists to submit artwork to be placed on T-shirts. The designs, then, can be about anything. Designers come from as far away as South Africa. T-shirts are priced at $12.95 and up. Threadless sells its items online at threadless.com.

Four friends, including two from the Evansville area, founded the company in 2011. Each design is researched for individual traditions, teams, and schools. A tee featuring Indiana University references the school’s basketball national titles. Adult sizes are $25 and can be ordered online at 19nine.com.

The Home T
The company, launched from an apartment in New York City, is based on selling one thing: a T-shirt featuring one of the 50 states or a country and the word “Home.” Shirts are available in sizes from XS to XL. Decals are $10, gray T-shirts are $28 and black T-shirts are $30. Shirts are available online at thehomet.com.

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