Remembering November 6

A memorial publication chronicles the death and destruction wrought by a deadly storm and the courage and compassion of those who responded

In early October, a group of survivors and family members of victims of the Nov. 6, 2005, tornado approached Tucker Publishing Group, the publishers of Evansville Living, about creating a memorial publication for the anniversary of the disaster. Members of the group had collected the first-hand accounts of survivors and rescue workers and tributes paid to the 25 victims of the tornado. Through photographs, they also chronicled much of the damage done by the storm and the recovery work that followed. The result of their efforts was a 64-page account called Remembering November 6.

Tucker Publishing Group donated its time, and the cost of printing was underwritten by a grant from the Bower-Suhrheinrich Foundation, managed by Fifth Third Bank Investment Advisers. All proceeds benefited area fire and rescue departments, whose members turned out in full when the tornado struck.

The following are excerpts from Remembering November 6. They are a portion of the voices that tell a story of the death and destruction wrought by the storm and the courage and compassion of those who responded.


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