A Foundational Shift

Ron Boren invests in the community

Throughout Ron Boren’s 41 years as a financial advisor and managing director — first with Hillard Lyons, then Baird — he has helped clients build and maintain wealth through estate and retirement planning. But perhaps one of his greatest contributions to the community has been through his work helping direct funds for foundations.

As a University of Southern Indiana Foundation board member, Boren has helped establish and fund scholarships, both at his alma mater and with private clients.

“Two clients, at my encouragement, have established trusts with Baird so that half the money is given to USI and half to the University of Evansville,” says Boren, who hails from nearby Owensville, Indiana. “One client didn’t have any family, so each year, I’m invited to meet the scholarship recipient. It’s been really cool to see somebody’s lifelong work and savings help students.”

He also personally invested in a sculpture designed by his friend and neighbor, the late John McNaughton, outside USI’s Screaming Eagles Complex. For his contributions to the university community, Boren was honored in September with the Alumni Service Award.

Boren also is a 27-year member of the West Side Nut Club and a foundation board member for the last eight.

“The idea of the Nut Club foundation is that if something prevents us from having the Fall Festival, we can reach into the foundation and still give money to the agencies that need us,” he says.

“I’m proud to be on both foundation boards due to the fact that they do so much for the community that we serve,” he adds, “to not only know that the foundations are there for the community, but see people benefit from what we’ve done.”

Maggie Valenti
Maggie Valenti
Maggie Valenti joined Tucker Publishing Group in September 2022 as a staff writer. She graduated from Gettysburg College in 2020 with a bachelors degree in English. A Connecticut native, Maggie has ridden horses for 15 years and has hunt seat competition experience on the East Coast.

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