A Saving Grace

After announcing their closure Dec. 2 on Facebook, Siciliano Subs owners David and Danielle Hodge found salvation in an unlikely place.

What exactly is this decadent Hail Mary? Charcuterie boards!

The Evansville Living staff tried a small board stuffed with salami, capicola, olives, pomegranate seeds, brie wedges, goat cheese, cheddar, grapes, strawberries, crackers, honey, and jam. Sold at $45 (medium boards are $85, and larges are $150), the inconspicuous cardboard box contained endless combinations for the rich flavors inside.

“A unique blend of savory, sweet, and creamy flavors. All the diverse food items complimented each other nicely,” says Staff Writer Riley Guerzini.

Subtle details, like cured meats folded into flowers and a mini honey dipper, make the box’s aesthetic as appealing as its contents.

My favorite part of the board was the experience of lifting the lid to reveal the full spread — which holds much more food than “meats” the eye — grabbing a cracker and digging into the layers, ending with a mountain of goat cheese and salami with a drizzle of honey on top.

Available for weekly orders with weekend pickups and a variety of contents, the charcuterie boards can be ordered via phone or links posted to their Facebook page. The boards — along with box lunches, cookies from Cakes by Shea, and catering options — were a combination of community support and the Hodges’ creativity.

After the closing announcement, Evansville residents jumped into action. With more than 300 comments and 100 shares, Siciliano Subs (2021 W. Franklin St.) had no choice but to become hopeful and make a second post polling the public on their interest in charcuterie boards.

“We put our heads together for a couple days, drank a lot of wine, and came up with everything,” says David.

While the future of Sicilianos is still not certain, one thing is certain: Our staff will be coming back for more!

Order your own board at facebook.com/sicilianosubs.

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Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen
Jodi Keen is the managing editor of Evansville Living and Evansville Business magazines.

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