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Dr. Emily Ryan is framing the business she founded in 2011 on the premise that clients can see well and look great in their glasses. Image Eye Care, a medical practice and optical boutique, offers eyewear lines exclusive to the Tri-State and a few that are exclusive to Indiana.

“Patients say they are so happy they found us,” says Samantha Robinson, office administrator. Previously, many customers traveled to Chicago, New York, and other larger cities to purchase eyewear. “I am thrilled to provide a unique niche business right here in Evansville,” Ryan says.

Ryan decided at the age of 15 that she wanted to be an optometrist. “I have worked in the field of optometry and opthalmology since the age of 16, it’s truly all I know … and I still love it,” Ryan, a native of Petersburg, Ind., says. The 35-year-old began practicing in the Tri-State area in 2004 after graduating with honors from the Indiana University School of Optometry.

Image Eye Care, 5600 E. Virginia St., is a modern and trendy boutique offering the full scope of optometric care. Ryan provides services such as comprehensive eye exams, contact lens evaluations, and treatment of ocular diseases. The medical practice also is accepting new patients, is a VSP provider, and accepts other insurance plans.

“I love that at Image Eye Care I can combine optometry and my love of fashion,” Ryan says. “I truly enjoy the entire process of what I do.” Ryan’s passion for fashion inspired her to bring this eye care experience to her patients. “We are in a time where glasses have become fashion statements rather than a nuisance, and that is great for patients,” Robinson, 29, says. She has worked with Ryan since Image Eye Care opened and both have seen eyeglasses evolve into a type of accessory. Ryan finds customers are more excited to try on glasses than they have been in the past. Some customers purchase non-prescription frames solely for their looks. “If you have glasses you love, they make you feel better and even younger,” Ryan says.

She takes this into consideration when helping her customers choose their frames. “When a patient leaves our office, I am concerned about three things — that they are thrilled with their vision, glasses, and contacts, that they received amazing customer service, and that they love how they look in their new glasses.” Robinson is an optician and assists all patients in selecting their glasses or contact lenses. “While helping a patient choose a frame that looks great on them and fits their personality is an important role of mine, it is also a top priority for me to make sure that the ‘fit’ is right,” Robinson says. “It’s a great experience to see a patient’s eyes light up when they’ve found the right frame,” Robinson says. “If they are happy, we are happy.”

Image Eye Care customizes frames and lenses for the patients’ specific lifestyles. Eyeglasses can be made to fit the needs of a student who is in the classroom, an office worker who spends time in front of a computer screen, or a golfer who spends a lot of time on the green. A product known as the Intouch lens is fit for individuals who work closely with smart phones, tablets, and other devices. “My staff knows what to look for so that customers will be thrilled aesthetically and the frame will be comfortable after hours of wear,” Ryan says. 

Image Eye Care offers exclusive, top-of-the-line eyewear brands. “It’s refreshing when people walk into our doors and they feel like they are walking into a jewelry store,” Ryan says. Small, independent companies such as Theo, Anne et Valentin, Masunaga, and Barton Perreira are known for their craftsmanship. CHANEL is one of the boutique’s most prestigious lines. “Image Eye Care is very particular in choosing frames that are hand-crafted by small companies that pay the utmost attention to quality and detail,” Ryan says. “Many of our frames come directly from Italy, France, Berlin, and Japan.”

Ryan is passionate about locally owned and operated businesses, looking to offer discounts for their employees. “Your vision is so important in all areas of your life,” Ryan says. “I would hate for anyone to sacrifice quality because of cost. While we are a boutique optical business, we have a range in price points and pride ourselves in having a selection of quality frames, starting at $150 and up,” Ryan says.

With over two years of great success and service, Ryan says Image Eye Care seeks to remain up to date with eye care in larger cities across the country. “I love to be a part of growing the Evansville business community,” she says.

For more information about Image Eye Care, call 812-477-6243 or visit imageeyepc.com.

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