All in the Family

Multiple sets of parents and children work side by side at McMahon Exterminating.

McMahon Exterminating is a family-run enterprise. Charlie McMahon oversees the company started by his father, Jack. With son Luke McMahon, they make up the McMahon trio, three generations working together.

Like the McMahons, there are several sets of relatives at the business, including Mike Lousignont and his son Evan, Pat Hope and his son Jerrod, and Blaine Newton and his son Zach. There’s also Carrie Kensell and her son Blake, as well as married couple Kevin and Jill Brown and their nephew Sam Brown.

Many of the parent employees started at McMahon Exterminating first, and their children found their way to the business.

Blaine Newton worked in pest management for 35 years and joined McMahon in 2011. Shortly afterward, his son Zach followed him. Same for the Lousignonts.

“I came over from banking, and then Evan joined after high school,” Mike Lousignont says.

“We all have our own route and own specific job,” Evan Lousignont says. “Some of us work in residential, while others do commercial.”

Though not working with each other all the time, the families say they still see each other every day, making bonds between parents and children even stronger.

“Dad trained me. Who better to learn from than your dad?” says Evan Lousignont, who eventually took over his father’s pest management route.

“I think it’s a privilege to work with family,” Jerrod Hope says.

All say that working for a family-run business means having more pride in the company.

“We treat each other and our customers like family,” Pat Hope says.


Maggie Valenti
Maggie Valenti
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