By the time you read, glance at, or flip right past this column, I will just have returned from a much-needed vacation. Yes, I actually do know you really could care less about my end of the school year and Memorial Day travel plans. But lately, I have been hearing with increasing frequency that it almost is too much trouble to handle the logistics that are required to take a vacation. Almost, I said.

As husband-and-wife business partners, I must admit it sometimes is difficult to shut the business conversation down during the best of times. We squeezed what I thought was going to be a three-day week now into two days, an additional surprise. The back-and-forth business conversations in the office, on the cell phone, and while in the shower seem relentless. (I have asked for a moment’s peace here … she simply does not listen.) So I thought I might share a laundry list of the last 16 hours of personal tasks that need to be accomplished. Only a partial list, I am confident that this is relatable to families everywhere.

1.  Take our dog, Jethro, to vet for boarding.

2.  Pick up prescriptions from doctor’s office to take to pharmacy, then pick up at pharmacy.

3.  Pick up missing fog light part from auto dealer.

4.  Pick up repaired spare tire with broken valve stem. Did I renew AAA?

5.  Go to bank to get vacation money — new debit card not arrived yet.

6.  Get boys to pack up DVD player, go to movie store, and gather headphones, Nintendo DS players, and all relevant charging systems. This will require much searching for what is missing. Asked them to start looking last Saturday (five days ago). They will start looking tonight!

7.  Take all Bronco League Baseball equipment to Coach Samila’s — can’t forget that or no baseball!

8.  Leave instructions for Grant, the house sitter and cat keeper. Needs to remember how to use the alarm, turn lights on and off, as well as adjust automatic sprinklers to weather. I must change cat litter as boys and wife will not touch.

9.  Get car cleaned and vacuumed; dusty baseball uniforms, cleats, and bags have not been kind.

10.  Drop everything and go to retirement dinner this evening — will not miss this.

11.  Resume speed and realize no clothes or sporting goods have been packed.

Enough already? Anyone see a bit of their family here? It almost just isn’t worth it. Almost.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


Todd A. Tucker

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