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Enjoy a paperless experience of Evansville’s lifestyle magazine by downloading the Evansville Living app to your Apple or Android device.

Evansville Living’s app was released in September and currently is available on Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Underground. The app allows readers to peruse complete print editions in brilliant digital color, effortlessly flip through pages, and share content on social media.

The app is interactive and user-friendly. Digital subscribers can set up notifications to be alerted when the bi-monthly issue is available. Flip just a few pages past the cover to find the table of contents. By tapping on a page number listed, readers are taken directly to that story; no need to scroll through numerous pages.

Want to view the magazine as if you were reading a print issue? Turn your device to a horizontal orientation (Hint: Make sure your device’s Portrait Orientation Lock is off) to see two pages — or in magazine terms, a spread — at one time. If you want to share with friends by text, social media, or through email, click on the share icon at the top right corner of the app. A moveable and resizable box appears and allows you to easily select desired content for sharing.

The app offers a one-minute preview of each Evansville Living issue so you can view content before you buy. Single issues are available for $4.99, or save by purchasing an annual subscription of six issues for $14.99.

At this time, the Evansville Living digital subscriptions must be purchased separately from print subscriptions. Evansville Business is not available on the app.

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