Back Again

When Casino Aztar recently emerged from bankruptcy, we interviewed Stacey McNeill, the riverboat’s director of marketing for the April/May issue of Evansville Business magazine. Here’s a question we asked McNeill that we didn’t include in the article. For more on this Q&A, check out Back Talk in the current issue (p. 56).

Evansville Business: What do you count among Casino Aztar’s greatest achievements?

Stacey McNeill: I think the biggest achievements continue to be our support of the community and the Downtown. Over the years, we have always met — and in most cases exceeded — all of our commitments. The Downtown is now a place people want to live. I remember when we came here it wasn’t necessarily that way. I believe our commitments in the community will continue to grow, specifically with the development of the new arena and other future initiatives in the community.

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