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Belle of the Ball

The famous Carnegie Hall, known as one of the most prominent classical and popular music venues in the world, has enlisted the help of Evansville-based Anchor Industries.

Anchor, a well-known name in the tent and awning industry, was commissioned by Carnegie Hall to construct a large rooftop tent for a special event.

Pavilion, a design firm in New York City, contacted Anchor and asked if the company would create the fabric covering for the rooftop tent. The tent was fully constructed in August for a trial run and was used again Oct. 1 during Carnegie Hall’s Annual Season Opening Night Gala, which featured the legendary Berliner Philharmoniker. It’s the first commercial tent of this size constructed on a New York City rooftop, says Anchor President Pete Mogavero.

It’s an important project for Anchor, but it’s also an opportunity to work with a new piece of innovative technology — air beam supports.

During the design process, it became clear that hoisting a tent with aluminum beams with a crane would be a financial nightmare.

“It costs $100,000 just to get a permit to operate a crane in New York City,” says Mogavero. “So we knew we’d had to do something else.”

In order to get the tent up the elevator, it would need air beams. Air beams are fabric tubes filled with about 25 pounds of air pressure, and they’re just as sturdy as a traditional tent. Air beam tents can be constructed more quickly and easily, and because they’re lightweight, they require fewer laborers to assemble it. It also can be folded flat for easy storage.

“It’s a very innovative move in this industry,” says John Fuchs, tent department sales manager at Anchor. “You get a lot of benefits from it you wouldn’t have with traditional aluminum poles.”

Federal Fabric, a military contract company in Lowell, Massachusetts, created the air beams. It’s the first time Anchor has ever worked with the company, but Anchor plans to collaborate with Federal Fabric on future projects.

For more information about Anchor Industries, call 812-867-2421 or visit anchorinc.com.

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