Bells of Summer

As a smaller plant, the heuchera, commonly called coral bell, is a versatile perennial that works well in large masses or as an accent plant for almost any garden. Although coral bells produce a delicate stem of beautiful, bell-shaped flowers that extend over the plant in the early summer, they are grown mostly for their unique leaf colors. The perennials tend to be evergreen, holding their leaves through the winter months, although that depends widely on the severity of our winters.

Over the past several years, many new heuchera varieties have been introduced, boasting color schemes of green, chartreuse, burgundy, and silver.

Most heucheras tolerate shade or partial shade locations, but no matter where they are growing, they prefer moist, well-drained soils. Generally, the plants grow 12-18 inches tall with flower stems that can shoot up to 36 inches.

Of all the unique heucheras, which one best suits your style?

Heuchera “Palace Purple” is one of the most common varieties of coral bells. The leaves are a dark burgundy color with a rough leaf resembling a maple leaf. Its flowers bloom white.
Heuchera “Stormy Seas” has ruffled and somewhat glossy leaves, which are multi-colored, starting out silver and maroon and becoming a bronze/green color with bright purple undersides as they age.

Heuchera “Chatterbox” is a simple variety with green leaves and bright pink flowers, which typically bloom longer than other heuchera plants. 
Heuchera “Snow Angel”
has cream-colored, heart-shaped leaves and pink flowers.
Heuchera “Lime Ricky” has a lime green leaf with white flowers and requires a bit more shade than other varieties.
Heuchera “Marmalade” has amber-colored foliage with reddish-brown flowers.
Heuchera “Green Spice” has a striking leaf with a green edge and a silver middle with red veins. It has a pink flower and tends to be shade-tolerant.
Heuchera “Obsidian” is one of the darkest leaved coral bells with almost black foliage contrasting with white flowers.

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