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Getting ready to make a phone call? Make sure to dial all 10 digits. The new 930 area code is changing the way people in the Tri-State use their phones.

Beginning Sept. 6, callers must use 10-digit dialing for local phone calls. Otherwise, they’ll hear “Please hang up and dial again.”

That’s because the 812 area code is running out of numbers. Rather than split that large region in two, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission chose to add numbers in the 930 area code to the same geographic area. The new area code will be added to the 812 region, which includes these Indiana cities: Evansville, Bloomington, Columbus, New Albany, Terre Haute, Indiana, and others.

Natalie Derrickson, the communications manager for the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, says the new numbers won’t affect long distance charges.

“The most important thing to remember about this area code relief is that the 930 area code is an overlay — meaning that the 930 area code and the 812 area code will service the same geographic area and will not change long distance calls,” says Derrickson. “What is currently long distance will remain long distance. In addition, both 812 and 930 numbers will continue to be assigned.”

The overlay method allows people to keep their numbers, but it also means businesses or neighbors — even if they are next door to each other — could have different area codes. Derrickson says now is the time to practice dialing those extra digits.

“The best way for both businesses and residents to adjust to 10-digit dialing is to begin practicing early, which is why the permissive dialing period began March 1,” says Derrickson. “It is important to inform customers of this change now, before it is mandatory to dial the area code first, to avoid any confusion when attempting to make a call. Businesses can remind customers in person, while they are checking out with the cashier, by adding information on their voice mail or call waiting line, and by updating information on their website.”

Beginning Oct. 6, new telephone lines or services can be assigned the new 930 area code.

For more information about the new area code, call 317-232-2701 or visit

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