Calling All Explorers

Evansville’s Convention and Visitors Bureau rebrands

How badly did the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau need a rebrand? Consider that the organization’s prior Visit Evansville logo incorporated the smokestacks of the city’s long-departed riverboat casino into its design.

The CVB’s new Explore Evansville brand, logo, and website bring an air of newness and a refreshed message, says Alexis Berggren, the bureau’s president and CEO.

For starters, the logo’s inclusion of a red IN (for Indiana) is intentional, Berggren says. She noted the synergy between that, and Indiana’s recent statewide tourism rebrand – “More to Discover IN Indiana.”

“We wanted to make sure it was a very big piece of the brand that we are in Indiana,” Berggren says.

Berggren also points to the alliteration of Explore Evansville, which “gave us an opportunity to use a strong “E” for things like our social avatar, in our branding, and how we’re merchandising.”

The word “explore,” Berggren says, is “a call to action” aimed at both visitors and those who already call the area home. The logo itself has subtle Evansville touches: Waves symbolize the Ohio River and the nostalgic typeface is a gray that nods to the city’s history of making landing ship tanks during World War II.

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