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January / February 2009

Evansville Living

A Guy’s Guide to Attending a Wedding

I’m a consummate bachelor. In the past two years, I’ve been to 10 weddings, and for this year, I’ve already received three “Save the Dates.” I’ve mingled with bridesmaids, shared drinks with brides’ fathers, and danced with grooms’ mothers. Each experience has made me a better wedding guest. When the invitation arrives, here’s what the single man should know to be the perfect wedding guest.

Center of Attention

Rock Star

In an elevator on NBC’s sitcom 30 Rock, Kenneth — a charmingly naïve Southern boy who works as a lowly page in the show’s incarnation of the NBC studios — presses the button for the fourth floor. “Next stop, Kansas City,” he drawls in his best impression of an Old West train conductor.

Comfort Zone

Change Agent

Last spring, when Patty Avery felt overwhelmed by the seemingly sorry state of the world, she turned to someone she knew could relate — a friend who had started a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. When she wondered how she could possibly create a measurable improvement in people’s lives, her friend cut her off, saying, “That’s easy. You pick big problems — and solve them.”