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March / April 2002

Evansville Living

A Stroke of Spring

Spring in the Tri-State is a long, at times elegant and at times riotous statement of hope and renewal. The annual panorama begins, some years and in some protected areas, as early as February with the appearance of crocuses, pansies and all manner of “weeds” including bright yellow dandelions. The real action begins in March when the daffodils that sent up their first, tentative shoots in January, launch themselves wholeheartedly into the world; their appeal lies, in part, in their gaudy displays against otherwise winter-browned landscapes.

A Troublesome Process

Don’t tell Robin Church Wolf that the only time homeowners run into trouble with the Historic Preservation Commission is when approval is sought after the fact. Church Wolf, who is treasurer of the Preservation Alliance of Evansville, a not-for-profit group dedicated to historic preservation, thought she was doing everything right when she and her husband, Michael, moved into their home at Southeast First and Mulberry streets in March 1998.

Price of Preservation

In a word: Windows. That’s what it has come down to. The future of a bed and breakfast slated to open in Evansville’s Riverside Historic District is tied up in court – over windows. What began three years ago as the retirement renovation project for a transplanted Louisville couple has landed in the Vanderburgh Superior Court. Harsh words have been spoken, a slander suit has been threatened, more than $1 million has been spent, and a battle line has been drawn between the homeowners and the city’s Historic Preser-vation Commission.