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November / December 2007

Evansville Living

30 Years After 90 Seconds

Though 30 years have passed, many Evansvillians remember what they were doing on the night of Dec. 13, 1977, when they heard about the plane crash that killed the hometown basketball team. Wallace Graves was enjoying a performance at Wheeler Concert Hall; Patrick Wathen was sitting down to supper; John Althoff was watching television. The quotidian quiet of that Tuesday night was shattered throughout the city as the details of the terrible accident trickled into living rooms, delivered by frantic phone calls and somber newscasts.

Comfort Zone

Guiding Hands

There’s an old saying beloved by sports commentators that goes like this: “Boy, that kid must be tough: He’s from the South Side of Chicago.” Every time Ron Ryan hears it, he smiles. Long before Ryan arrived here to take on the tough task of directing the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville, he was the tough kid growing up in the South Side Chicago neighborhood of Scottsdale, with all the attendant hard knocks. He was the oldest of six kids, raised by a divorced single mother who worked as a waitress.