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November / December 2008

Evansville Living

Dream Team

Dream of throwing the perfect party? Start with the perfect party guest list. So what if they don’t RSVP to your invitation. Who’d be on your list? We asked three party people to tell us some of theirs. Hostess: Isabella Fine, charity fundraiser Her requirements: – Evansville natives who are lovely inside and out; living in the present but shaping the future. Among her perfect party guests:

Art Talk

Real Life

Henderson, Ky., artist Chris Thomas’ small painting of a silvery-shelled nautilus arranged against a luxurious piece of blue silken fabric is striking. As in many of Thomas’ paintings, “Blue Nautilus” shows a concise mastery of composition and detail, reflecting the smallest beauty through controlled but organic brushstrokes, a sense of intense depth, and rich, glowing color. In fact, the work is so lush and evocative that it reminds a person of a Velvet Elvis painting.


Adventures in Albuquerque

I knew I was in for adventure when I headed to Albuquerque, N.M., earlier this year with a travel itinerary that ranged from mountain biking to hot-air ballooning. But I didn’t anticipate how much I’d learn. Founded 300 years ago as a Spanish colonial outpost, Albuquerque is one of the fastest- growing cities in the nation, and tourism flourishes, thanks to its Southwest flavor. Located in a wide valley in the central part of scenic New Mexico, the city of more than 500,000 people straddles the Rio Grande, which I saw and thought…

Left, Right, or Center?

In October 2003, fed up with the way national media was covering the rebuilding efforts in Iraq, President George W. Bush stated, “I’m mindful of the filter through which some news travels, and sometimes you just have to go over the heads of the filter and speak directly to the people, and that’s what we will continue to do.”


Peephole 2.0

When the Grein Building on Second Street was to be torn down to create parking spaces for a Downtown redevelopment plan in 1972, one of the building’s tenants, the Peephole Bar & Grill, moved to the corner of Main and Second streets. There, the watering hole replaced H. A. Woods Drug Store, which had been at that location for 56 years.