Dream Team

Dream of throwing the perfect party? Start with the perfect party guest list. So what if they don’t RSVP to your invitation. Who’d be on your list? We asked three party people to tell us some of theirs.

Hostess: Isabella Fine, charity fundraiser

Her requirements: Evansville natives who are lovely inside and out; living in the present but shaping the future.

Among her perfect party guests:

December Warren, former cMoe museum director: “She’s a great listener.”

Cindy Fine, community volunteer: “The epitome of today’s woman — I mean, wow!”

Roberta Harding, world traveler: “The original ‘Mother Earth’ person.”

Jack Schriber, community booster: “An ambassador for Evansville.”

Dr. William Ridgway, philanthropist: “A great part of Evansville’s past and a harbinger to the future.”

John David Lutz, university professor: “He brings the magic of theater to Evansville.”

Host: Adarius Gardner, political fundraiser

His requirements: People who are inspiring and who love the political process.

Among his perfect party guests:

Jonathan and Patricia Weinzapfel, Evansville’s first couple: “Every great party has to have the mayor and first lady of the city.”

Reggie Love, personal friend and Barack Obama’s body man: “Think of the stories he could tell.”

Tina Fey, comedienne: “Her Sarah Palin impression would draw a crowd.” 

Scott Wiley and Josh Armstrong, Firefly Southern Grill owners: “I love their Southern cuisine. It speaks to my heart.”

John Legend, singer and songwriter: “His songs about family, love, and life are inspiring. Not to mention he’d keep the ladies happy.”

Warren Buffett, investor and philanthropist: “He could ease our anxiety with stock tips.”

Richard and Rose Young, federal judge and mayoral chief of staff: “They know how things really work in Southern Indiana — and they know how to pick a great red wine.”

Jonathan Siebeking and Teria Davis, local political operatives. “Like an American Express card — I don’t leave home without them.”

Hostess: Lucy Himstedt, University of Evansville spokeswoman

Her requirements: I have so many Evansville friends, and since it’s a pretend party — pretend you’re all invited!

Among her perfect party guests:

Sue Himstedt, Lucy’s mom: “I miss her — and I want to know what heaven’s like.”

Barbara and John Cochran, former executive producer of Meet the Press and ABC correspondent: “Great conversationalists.”

Gordon Kingsley, principal of Harlaxton College: “Perhaps he’ll invite me to a party at ‘the college in the castle.’”

Bill Clinton, former president. “My high school commencement speaker.”

Princess Diana, the late royal: “The mystery of her makes me wonder what she’d talk about.” 

Sue Grafton, mystery writer. “Love her books.”

Tom Hanks, actor: “We’d need some levity.” 

Don Richard, Lucy’s husband: “He’s my favorite of all!”

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