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September / October 2006

Evansville Living

The Porsche 997 Carrera S

When the editors of Evansville Living called seeking expertise from a car guy, I couldn’t say no, especially when I found out the task: Test drive a 2006 Porsche 997 Carrera S, from the classic German carmaker. Tony Ricketts at D-Patrick European Imports sent out a car and I took it for a spin.

Dueling Dragsters

Doug Duell doesn’t remember where or when he lost the drag race—and his temper. But he does remember that he was ticked off. He wasn’t screaming or yelling or throwing his helmet. That isn’t in his nature. But he was upset. His father, longtime Evansville businessman and veteran drag racer Dave Duell, was unsympathetic.

The Best Damn Chili Recipes Ever

Beck’s Chili PERFECTED BY: The late Harold Beck, who acquired this recipe for the thick, bean-flavored chili from the cook at his first tavern, Harold’s Bar. He added his own ingredients when he opened Beck’s Bar, the predecessor to the popular East Side hang out now known as The Pub. In the 1990s, Harold’s son, Terry, served his dad’s famous chili at the Chili Bowl on West Franklin. Pub owner Larry "Bubbles" Pollock pulled out an old copy of recipe to share with us.