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September / October 2008


A River Runs to It

Ask Jeff Danhauer how deep his love for river life runs, and he’ll tell you a story about the Great Depression and the Danhauer brothers who scraped together their nickels and dimes to buy a mail-order rowboat. It was an extravagant purchase at the time, given that the father of the boys, pharmacist William Danhauer Sr., was, as Jeff says, “struggling to keep his little drugstore afloat.”

Perennial Pleasure

When a young John Koehler moved from Boonville to Evansville in the fall of 1951 to attend what was then Evansville College, the aesthetics of life on the scenic campus left a lasting impression on him. “The campus in general was beautiful and well-landscaped,” Koehler recalls. “But the crown jewel of the land was the president’s rose garden.”

Good Living

Casting Off a New Hobby

Confession: I wrote this in the middle of hotter-than-blazes July, when wool yarn was the last thing I wanted touching my skin. But looking ahead to the holiday gift-giving season and autumn’s invigorating chill, I signed up for a beginners’ knitting class, “Knit Now,” at KnitWitts Yarn Shoppe with the goal of mastering the basics well enough to make some new cool-weather accessories and handmade Christmas gifts.

Healthy Living

All in on Yoga

Years ago, Mike Cunningham was out on a limb, trimming a tree. When the limb broke, his safety rope failed him, and he fell several feet, shattering his left heel. In the 28 years since his fall, the now-57-year-old has led an active lifestyle, staying fit with weights and an elliptical, but still, without ankle cartilage, working out doesn’t always work out.