September / October 2008

Evansville Living

A River Runs to It

Ask Jeff Danhauer how deep his love for river life runs, and he’ll tell you a story about the Great Depression and the Danhauer brothers who scraped together their nickels and dimes to buy a mail-order rowboat. It was an

Perennial Pleasure

When a young John Koehler moved from Boonville to Evansville in the fall of 1951 to attend what was then Evansville College, the aesthetics of life on the scenic campus left a lasting impression on him. “The campus in general

Casting Off a New Hobby

Confession: I wrote this in the middle of hotter-than-blazes July, when wool yarn was the last thing I wanted touching my skin. But looking ahead to the holiday gift-giving season and autumn’s invigorating chill, I signed up for a beginners’

All in on Yoga

Years ago, Mike Cunningham was out on a limb, trimming a tree. When the limb broke, his safety rope failed him, and he fell several feet, shattering his left heel. In the 28 years since his fall, the now-57-year-old has