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In our September/October 2011 issue, you read about talented musicians in the River City. Now hear them. Right here.

Namaste makes rock music, and the members of this five-piece jam band know their instruments well. Below, listen to their song "Plateau."

Last year, Chad Gesser — a DJ in Owensboro, Ky. — asked Meagan Williams to paint on a canvas while he clicked away on his laptop to fuse and craft new songs. It was not a cheesy pick-up line from a married man. Gesser wanted to do this publicly. It would be live art.

Thirty years have passed since video killed the radio star on Music Television (MTV). But if video killed the radio star and video slowly died, then credit the Internet for resurrecting music videos. That’s why Nashville-based Heypenny front man Ben Elkins thinks video is more important than ever. His indie rock band, which includes drummer and Evansville native Aaron Distler, has a 1980s dance pop sound and uses the power of YouTube, an Internet super haven for videos, to show their songs.

From the baseball diamond to the music stage, Jason Clutter finds a new country deal. View the official music video for his song "Raisin’ Cain" below.

In 2007, Michael Powers was in the passenger seat of his mom’s car when he heard his band’s song “Better Me” playing on the speakers. He was confused. He looked to his mom. “Are we listening to the CD?” he asked. “No,” she said, “that’s on the radio.” That was the first time Michael (then about 13 years old) and his band Mission Six had a song on the radio.

Inside a Downtown music studio is the power to bring a community together. Here, a song from rapper Sean Little.

Big Slick is a big band performing a set of high-tempo, nostalgic songs from the 1960s onward. Here’s video of their performance at Ellis Park Race Track in the summer of 2008.

The choral group, Angelus, focuses on sacred music, a form of a cappella designed to resonate throughout structures with sky-high ceilings and marble floors. Below, listen to Ave Maria by Ruth Cuningham, performed by Angelus in July 2010.

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