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Every exercise involves movement, but these programs — CrossFit, Boot Camp, and Bodypump — emphasize speed (and calorie burning). Each exercise program has the same goal, a healthy you. We wondered how they differ.

What Is It?
Who Should Try It?
CrossFit Each time, CrossFit participants experience a new exercise routine. From pull-ups and push-ups to far more fun-sounding exercises such as farmer’s walks and burpees, trainers create a series of fast-paced exercises designed to be a heart-pumping tone up. What began as a strength and conditioning program at police academies has transcended as an option for anyone — including octogenarians — needing a good workout. The difference between an officer’s CrossFit and a senior citizen’s workout is intensity, but the program aims to improve everyone’s flexibility, power, speed, coordination, and balance.
Where Is It? Try www.evansvillecrossfit.com or www.club-bushido.com.
BootCamp The drill sergeant barking out orders at this boot camp is absent. Trainers at boot camps for the civilian emphasize fun by combining body weight strengthening, circuit training, hiking, Pilates, and yoga. The muscle group benefiting from the exercise extravaganza is the core, the area from the stomach to the knees. The results certainly are fun: the feeling of accomplishment and the trimmer, healthier you. The three-day-a-week commitment may seem daunting to the busy, working parent, but the one-hour sessions you can pick Monday-Saturday are scheduled early in the morning — perfect to place in front of a loaded daily calendar.
Where Is It? Try www.evansvillefitnessbootcamp.com.
Bodypump The weight-based exercise program targets every muscle group in the body. Set to a music soundtrack that begins melodiously and picks up speed as intensity increases, Bodypump requires barbells and numerous repetitions. The idea is to tone and burn fat. The class is popular for women, who typically focus less on weight training than their male counterparts. The music adds an element of fun, but both women and men benefit from the high-speed repetitions.
Where Is It? Try www.ymca.evansville.net
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