Full Speed Ahead

When we last visited with Nix Welding Service in the December/January 2013 issue of Evansville Business, the Poseyville, Indiana, company was busy with all kinds of projects, and was preparing to start up its own painting and powder coating operation.

A year and a half later, the system is up and running, giving the 112-year-old family business control of the entire fabricating process. Matthew Nix, the fifth-generation president, says things are going well.

“It has been a great asset to the rest of our business offerings,” says Nix. “We are doing liquid painting and refurbishing, which services our agriculture and construction customers. We also do the powder coating to a lot of the parts we fabricate. We’ll also powder coat for other customers as well.”

Nix Welding Service offers a variety of welding and machine repairs. The business started mostly with farm equipment, but has grown to include everything from portable mine buildings to yachts.

In the past, the fabricated machine pieces had to be sent out to be painted or powder coated, creating a delay. Since almost anything created out of metal requires some sort of coating, it made sense to do the process in-house.

“We are able to control the quality and turnaround time ourselves,” says Nix. “We can be accountable for that, and if there are any issues, we can address those and take care of it.”

Nix Welding has grown its space in the past six years, increasing from 4,800 total square feet to more than 24,000 at its Poseyville location. It is involved with constructing custom aluminum workboats — for a company in the environmental cleanup industry — which range in length from 26 to 34 feet.

Nix also has made a different kind of addition this year — a son. Two-month-old Charlie already has his own Nix Welding uniform and, perhaps, could someday become the sixth generation of the Nix clan to join the family business.

For more information about Nix Welding Service, visit nixwelding.com.

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