If the Shoe Fits

Considering running the Evansville Half Marathon this October? Now’s the time to get ready for the event. Essential to your success, whether you’re at the head of the pack or bringing up the rear is a good pair of running shoes. Finding the perfect pair is part science and part art, with a good dose of research thrown in. There is no one best pair of running shoes for everyone, say Graham and Rebecca Paxton, owners of Swift Athletics, an Evansville store that specializes in running shoes.

What you’re looking for are shoes that fit your feet and your style of running. A range of factors, from the arch on your foot to the trail you blaze running, should be considered. Cushioning, stability, and durability are three key components of a good pair of running shoes.

The Paxtons also advise each time you buy a new pair of running shoes, have your foot measured. Running shoes have different foot forms, different upper shapes, and different ways of being stitched. Your size in one brand may differ from the size you need in another. You’ll know a good store for running shoes by the staff’s willingness to take the time to treat your feet just right.

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