John Harding
“As we all continue living through this ‘historic event,’ the impact of scouting on our young people has never been more important. Resilience, self-sufficiency, and better mental health are some of the outcomes for youth who are involved in scouting. While our programming and activities have certainly been impacted, scouting volunteers continue to find ways to encourage growth, positive character, and emotional fortitude among the boys and girls who will one day be our nation’s leaders. Helping young people ‘be prepared’ — in every sense of the word — will have a permanent impact on them, their families, our communities, and nation.”

— Harding is the scout executive for Boy Scouts of America’s Buffalo Trace Council

Amy Mangold
“IMPACT. The word itself carries weight. It is a force that leaves an impression, albeit positive or otherwise. In my roles, I have been fortunate to witness the impact that good works — accomplished through nonprofits, through social innovation, and through acts of kindness — have had on countless lives. Have you stopped to consider the effect you have on the world, on your community, or on your family, even through the simplest of actions? Because making an impact doesn’t have to be flashy, award-winning, or monumental. Impact is also achieved in everyday moments that leave a lasting imprint. Make it a positive one.”

­— Mangold is the marketing and communications director at United Way of Southwestern Indiana.

James M. Beeby
“When I think of the word impact, I think of the amazingly positive, transformational effects that each of us can have on the lives of others. As a professor, I know that universities, like the University of Southern Indiana, have long lasting and deep impacts on students and our communities. As educators, our goal is to help students realize their goals and dreams and contribute to the common good of society. The impact is both immediate and long-term. What would Southwestern Indiana be like without this fine public university? I believe its impact is beyond measure and our work is never done.”

— Beeby is the dean of the College of Liberal Arts at USI.

Patricia Jackson
“Impact, the force of impression of one thing on another, a significant or major effect — change. I think about the impact of the power of one, and Lisa Rhyand Vaughan’s impact on our community with the Feed Evansville initiative. We often think one person can’t make a difference. The power of just one can be beautiful, incredibly impactful, and powerful. No one should ever doubt their individual worth to make a difference in another’s life. Matthew 25:40 — ‘truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine…you did for me.’”

— Jackson is a senior community relations specialist with Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy Company.

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