It’s About Time

For those of you who made a resolution to spend more time on crafts this year, this easy clock project is a great place to start. It’s great for beginners and seasoned crafters alike. The wood block offers up a blank canvas for your creativity, so the sky is the limit.

To start your project, it’s helpful to mock up a color block design so that you know which acrylic paint colors you need to purchase. Then you’ll need to take a trip to the craft store to get supplies.

You’ll need:
•  Acrylic paint
•  Medium-sized paintbrush
•  Block of wood
•  Clock kit that matches the depth of your wood block
•  Painter’s tape
•  Power drill
•  Drill bit that matches the size of the clock kit

Once you have your supplies, use the painter’s tape to mask off the areas of the wood block you will be painting in strips. Paint one color strip at a time and wait for it to fully dry until you tape off the next one. I chose to leave a strip of my wood block unpainted so the texture of the raw wood could play into the design.

After you’ve finished painting the wood block, use a power drill to create a hole in the middle of the block. Then, install the clock kit according to the kit’s instructions. Insert a battery in your kit, and your clock is ready to keep time on a wall in your home. These clocks also make great gifts that can be easily personalized for your recipient’s taste. Time creating functional craft projects is always time well spent.

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