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To Serve and Protect

Jan Davies is passionate about helping the community. After more than 43 years with the Girl Scouts of Southwestern Indiana, Davies made a transition to director of the Evansville Police Department Foundation in August 2016.

“This job and I just kind of found each other,” says the Tell City, Indiana, native.

In her role with the foundation, Davies helps the organization bridge the gap between the city budget and the special requests of the police officers. From new ballistic vests and helmets to military grade tourniquets, the foundation is able to provide materials, training, and much more to the men and women of the police department.

“My husband is a retired police officer, so I understand some of the frustration police officers have. There are so many concerns they have to address on a daily basis,” she says. “I’m so pleased I get to work on behalf of these officers who are so dedicated to this community.”

Evansville Business: What is the mission of the EPD Foundation?

Jan Davies: We have four pillars of excellence that are the core of what the foundation is all about: purchasing advanced tools and equipment, helping to pay for specialized training, emergency funds to help alleviate financial burdens of EPD employees, and scholarships awarded to qualified students of EPD personnel.

Also, I think we’re one more connection between the police department and the community. It’s another avenue of information that flows.

EB: How are funds generated for the foundation?

JD: We host special events, including the annual Policeman’s Ball (Sept. 29 at Tropicana). That is our primary income source and the community supports that very nicely. We also have the SWAT Challenge Race (May 5) that focuses on supporting the SWAT Team.

Many individuals from the community financially support the foundation. We also have a group of people, the Association of Citizens Academy Alumni, which supports the foundation through donations and volunteer work.

EB: Why is the EPD Foundation important to the community?

JD: I feel it is very essential because the foundation invests in the officers; we listen to their requests and needs and try hard to accommodate them.

I think the message about the foundation I really want to communicate is that all of our work helps this community. We’re enhancing public safety.

EB: What is an aspect you enjoy most about your work with the foundation?

JD: I am working with the most sincere people I’ve ever met. I feel I have this support team around me and we’re all working together. Everybody seems so honest, upfront, and supportive. I really like that.

And because of the foundation, I’m learning a new skillset as well. All the nonprofit and management are the same, but I’m learning another side of giving.

For more information about the EPD Foundation, call 812-436-4030 or visit epdfoundation.org.

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