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Lessons Learned

I have just returned from a lengthy 25th anniversary cruise, encompassing almost two weeks out of the country. The majority of it was spent sailing through an archipelago off the coast of Grenada. A few “coincidences” to share regarding my anniversary date is that it falls on April Fools’ Day and everyone has forgotten to tell my wife what a “lucky woman” she is. Must be an oversight. So I made some mental notes (obviously brief ones) about what I learned along the way.

So here they are, like everything in my brain… in random order.

•  A sailing vessel of 236 feet is a ship, not a boat. Sorry, Captain Bernard. Of course after making that mistake numerous times to antagonize our good-natured (had to be) captain, when asked how everything was, I replied, it was “Boat shape, Captain.” Well… it was funny then.

•  Enter the water carefully when wearing snorkeling gear.

•  No one looks cool walking in fins.

•  West Indian hot sauces are really spicy. Really.

•  Don’t prejudge. We had an authentic motorcycle gang member/entrepreneur on board. He could not have been any nicer.

•  See above, I would want said motorcycle gang rider on my side in a bar fight.

•  When the West Indian bartender replies that he won’t tell you what is in his “special” rum drink, perhaps you should ask again.

•  Island time is not a misnomer. Slow down… your beverage will eventually get to you.

•  In tiny island populations, the natives will treat you every bit as politely as you treat them.

•  I’m pretty sure the Pizza Hut on the island of Bequia is not part of the international chain.

•  If you truly want to see a little bit of everything, then spend a 9.5-hour layover at the Miami International Airport.

•  I am fairly sure that “Motion,” the launch driver who dispensed medical advice, is not a real medical doctor.

•  On Grenada, our stretch of beach was being worked by “Wheelin’ Dealin’.” I’m pretty sure he could and would negotiate any world crisis — for a fee, of course.

•  We witnessed and heard a very long Pentecostal baptism on the beach. I watched and heard the wonderful gospel music from my beach chair.

•  My buddy Larry doesn’t sound any better singing and playing the guitar in the open air on a ship than he does here, even with the free rum swizzles.

•  The rum drink “Painkiller” is accurately named.

•  No Wi-Fi is awesome.

By now, no doubt, I have inspired you to learn to… turn the page.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. I will get back to you on island time. 

Todd A. Tucker

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