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What we are really into right now:

WHAT: Penguin Hardcover Classics
WHY: Reading a classic is twice as nice with these stylish cloth hardbound covers.
WHERE: penguin.com, amazon.com

WHAT: Vacu Vin Wine Saver Stainless Steel Gift Pack
WHY: We like a good glass of wine, but may not drink the entire bottle in one sitting.
WHERE: winestuff.com, amazon.com

WHAT: Crocheting
WHY: The art of crochet has made a comeback with modern twists on vintage patterns.
WHERE: Classes available at Knitwitts Yarn Shoppe

WHAT: Trina Turk Ogee Pink and Red Linen Pillow
WHY: It’s time to break the grade-school rule about not using pink and red together.
WHERE: zincdoor.com

WHAT: The Cali Bowl
WHY: The rim’s special lip makes this bowl non-spill, a must for children and husbands.
WHERE: calibowl.com

WHAT: Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smackers
WHY: We will never outgrow Lip Smackers or Girl Scout Cookies
WHERE: Walmart, Claire’s

WHAT: Sperry Top-siders
WHY: The shoes of our youth are back and better than ever in fun, fashionable designs.
WHERE: Dillard’s, Macys, sperrytopsider.com, zappos.com

WHAT: Graphic tees
WHY: We love grammar and a good play on words — these colorful tees offer both.
WHERE: mentalfloss.com

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