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Dirty Work: Inspired by the hit TV show Dirty Jobs, our feature story by the same title pays tribute to Evansville workers who make civilized life possible. Their occupational hazards range from mold exposure to snakes, but they aren’t the only ones facing danger and discomfort on the job. For one Dirty Jobs episode featuring a cave biologist, “we basically crouched in muddy caves carrying 100 pounds of equipment that couldn’t get wet,” says one crew member. This Fast Company article takes readers behind the scenes of the Discovery Channel show.

Mindful Living: In “The Psychology of Vacation,” aha! Architects of Human Awareness psychotherapist and partner Caron Leader offered Evansville Business readers suggestions on how to seize the (vacation) day. One of her tips: Get off the grid for a while. Leader, her husband, and a friend followed that advice by launching a yearlong experiment in mindful consuming — observing how they spend their money, time, and energy, then blogging about their successes and slip-ups. Read about their efforts here.

Car Talk: Ryan Smith, a lifelong lover of classic cars, built a career out of his passion: He’s the owner and manager of Hoosier Hot Rods & Classics in Haubstadt, Ind. (“Retro Restoration”). In June, he’ll hit the road for the annual Hot Rod Power Tour. Thousands of hot rods take to the highways for the seven-day, seven-city tour that stretches from Florida to Michigan. See photos from the 2010 tour here.

Court Report: In Back Talk, Evansville Business spoke with Lisa Seif, who directs the drug court program for the Warrick County Judicial Center. The program holds addicted individuals accountable for their crimes while connecting them with treatment and close monitoring. Seif’s mission is “to screen out who are the criminals and who are the ones that truly, if they got clean and sober, would be better,” she says. This story from the Chicago Tribune offers a compelling example of drug courts’ success.

Photo Finish: A passion for photography and one fateful wedding reception inspired Joy Loeffler to start her own business: FunShots Photobooth, which provides a mobile photobooth and silly props for local events (“Photo Shop”). With the equipment at hand, Loeffler easily could join the many photographers taking part in the 365 Project, in which participants document a year of their lives by taking a daily photo. Learn more about the popular initiative here.

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